Requirements for Leadership Class XVI

To succeed in Leadership Crawford County, the applicant should be a person who demonstrates leadership ability,
community influence, and civic involvement.

Participation in class meetings, functions, and activities is crucial. During the course, class members are required to:

  • • Attend 8, day-long monthly meetings - October through May, typically held the 2nd Wednesday of the month
    • Attend the 2-day orientation retreat - September 2020, overnight and out-of-town. (Mandatory)
    • Plan and carry-out a group community service project
    • Volunteer 5 hours (may be reduced contingent upon the scope of the group project)
    • Attend 2 local board meetings of choice (Boards in which you are not currently involved)
    • Go on a “ride-along” with a county or city police officer
    • Attend class trip to the Illinois State Capitol (February 2020) (Mandatory)
    • Participate in the Graduation Ceremony (May 2020)

If the applicant or the sponsor is unable to commit to this schedule, it may not be in the best interest of the applicant to
apply at this time.

Notification must be given to Leadership Crawford County as soon as possible if a participant is not able to attend a class
or function. A class member who misses, for any reason, more than two class meetings or functions will not be eligible for
graduation. In extenuating circumstances, the Leadership Crawford County Board of Directors may allow a class member,
at his/her expense, to make up the missed sessions during future classes in order to graduate.

In the event a class member chooses to leave the program, the class member and a representative of the sponsoring
employer or organization agree to sign and submit a letter of withdrawal.

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